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The Marker That Puts Safety First

The Safety Marker


The new Safety Marker® by Chalk Ink® is a multi-purpose and multi-industry tool.  It is meant to be used for temporary markings and messaging.  The ink is brightly colored, highly visible and easily cleans off any nonporous surfaces so it can be used as a tile marker, metal marker, or windshield marker. Industries that use the Safety Marker® include: construction, automotive, and first responders.  Add the Safety Marker® to your toolbox.

Construction & Safety Image.png

Safety Essentials 

from the creators of The Safety Marker

  • High Visibility Apparel & Gear

  • Reflective Vests & Adhesive Safety Strips

  • Protective Gloves

  • Fluorescent Safety Markers

  • Customized Promotional Gifts

Need help finding something?

“We use the Safety Marker for interior wall and ceiling layout on polished concrete floors.”

 - Jeremy A. -  FL Crane & Sons - 


“Our service department uses the pens for windshields on our service vehicles.”

 - Cody P. -  First Texas Honda - 

“Our rescue companies can use them on extrication operations to mark vehicle patient count, triage designation and air bag stored gas inflator location.”

 - Capt Tom D. - Sioux City Fire Rescue - 

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